Testimonials | Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy


“My physical therapist was amazing. Not only did she diagnose and identify my issue promptly, but within one appointment she was able to provide exercises that gave me immediate relief from pain. Not only did my pain decrease, but it’s now eliminated. I now know how to treat the issue if it returns; I have a lifetime treatment plan. I highly recommend Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy to anyone who suffers back issues.”

D. C.

“I spent six months trying to cope after my knee injury and finally had surgery. Physical therapy is helping me strengthen my knee, recondition my body and resume an active lifestyle. My physical therapist helped me to rehabilitate back into doing my normal activities.”

J. C.

“On Friday morning while I was sorting through boxes on the floor, I got the first back pain I’ve had in a year since my physical therapy treatment. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d put this pain at a 7. I proceeded to walk and do the press-up exercises every few minutes. It still hurt but less so, down to about a 4. I had a golf date so went out to play; after my game the pain was a 3. Over the next two days I continued my exercises and played golf. I got the pain down to a 1 and this morning it is gone. Before I visited Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy, I would have lain down and avoided moving. I would have been in pain for over 2 weeks and missed some spectacular golf days.”

D. U.

“I had suffered from chronic neck pain as well as acute back pain due to a vertebra fracture. I was surprised at how much better my neck felt after physical therapy. I had resigned myself to a life of activities curtailed by chronic pain. My physical therapist taught me stretching and exercises and how to correct my posture. This improved flexibility and strength in my neck and back. My physical therapist put me back into a state of wellbeing that I’d not felt since before the pain started over a year ago.”

S. M.

“When I started therapy, I wondered how I’d ever get better. But when exercises became difficult, my physical therapist always found an alternative approach. And here I am with a good shoulder once again. I continue to do the exercises and stretches that my physical therapist taught me. If I feel any twinges in my shoulder, I take that as a sign to do one or more of the exercises for a while. Thank you to my thoughtful and competent therapist, who was also a good listener.”

J. T.

“I was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and a family member recommended Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy. After having been on crutches for over a month, experiencing pain 24/7 and pretty bad muscle atrophy, I was desperate. My physical therapist was honest and said this wasn’t going to be a quick fix. He educated me on neuropathy and helped me understand what I needed to do to get better. With his guidance, I began to see slow and steady progress. He encouraged me to do things I didn’t think I could do. Now I can finally walk without crutches or a cane. This condition is difficult but I get stronger every day. I owe a big ‘thank you’ to Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy for their care.”

L. T.

“I came to physical therapy with a compression fracture in my spine. From the very beginning and continuing through my rehabilitation, Jorge communicated with me as if we had all the time in the world. I never felt rushed or dismissed. He opened space for any questions or concerns I had. He is very knowledgeable, creative and informative. He is supportive and compassionate. He encouraged me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of and yet he was completely committed to maintaining safe parameters for my healing. Jorge is like a Zen master; the quality of his ‘Presence’ belies his youth and suggests decades of mindfulness practice.”

“I am twice his age and have a lifetime of experience in dance, fitness, anatomy, rehabilitation exercises, and Body-Mind Centering practices, and yet many of the exercises Jorge has given me will be the daily routines I continue to do to maintain the health and fitness I acquired through his guidance.”

Mary S