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Don’t Wait!

Posted on August 9, 2016

I just got back from an awesome conference on the spine and extremities In Miami Florida. Of the many things I learned one of them was new research that has come out regarding back pain. Here’s the low down. Don’t wait to get treatment when you hurt your back. We all like to self diagnose, wait, rest, take pills etc but it simply is not a good idea. Heres why. If you get better on your own without proper treatment your chances of the same problem coming back sky rocket. Secondly if you wait and the pain doesn’t get better, the chance of treatment helping you later on goes way down. Here’s the best option. MDT! Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. This is unique therapy that people aren’t accustomed to. It’s not a blind prescription of exercise or manual therapy. It’s a process to mechanically diagnose the type of back pain or sciatica you are having and guide treatment once the diagnosis is achieved. Here’s the simple recipe. Assessment of the problem- diagnosis- treat the diagnosis – prevention plan. Have further questions? shoot me an email or give us a call.